About Me

What photography means to me? This is a life, a style, a love, a freedom, a moment...forever. 

Im started taking pictures in 2006, trying myself out in different events and occasions, as a photographer of two informative websites. Not long after it, individuals asked me to take pictures in events and occasions such as auto tuning show, rally, and fashion photography. I began to produce portfolios, followed by a beauty competition photography. In 2008, I also worked as a photographer and graphic designer of a Club in Pécs. My job included events/ occasions photography, (Saragossa Band, Dr. Alban, Mr. President, Anthony Pappa)TV, internet, and to design advertisements and leaflets, Club’s face research, for media and photographing purposes. This year, several companies have asked me to advertisement photo shootings. In 2009 im moved to London, where learn english and get more experience of life. 2010 I went back to Hungary and continued to shooting again. From 2013 Im started contributing on different stock sites. I moved to beautiful Germany in 2014. Looking for more experience and adventure.
All just a moment but photo are eternal.



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